Currently Available Styles And Lengths

Chef Knife
Chef's knives are great slicing and cutting tools for all around work in the kitchen. They excel in mincing, slicing and chopping vegetables, and in disjointing large cuts and slicing meat. Chef knives offer superior utility for the professional and food enthusiast alike. Blade lengths are between 8-10”
Santoku Knife
Santoku knives or "three virtues" are well balanced towards slicing, dicing and mincing. Custom Sweetness parts from eastern tradition to offer Santoku knife handles in a variety of styles and exotic woods for superior egomaniac function and comfort. Blades are available in 7 or 8”, are light and thin, and provide a more linear cutting edge than the rocking travel of western chef knife design.
Petty Knife
Petty knives are thin, low profile knives which make quick work of peeling, paring and carving of vegetables, fruits, herbs and other delicate work. A good Petty knife is the natural compliment to a Chef's or Santoku knife when you need more control and finesse. Available in 6” blade only.
Carving Knife
Carving knives are great for cutting meats, poultry and around bone. They are available in 8, 10, 12 and 14 inch blade lengths. Their larger blade makes it easy to thin-slice prime rib or your Thanksgiving turkey like a pro.