Length Of Blades

Custom Sweetness Chef Knife
Chef's knives Custom Sweetness custom made Chef knives are currently available in 9 and 8 inch blade lengths. Both sizes work well for large and small jobs as they allows for higher clearance when chopping and slicing.
Custom Sweetness Santoku Knife
Santoku knives The three virtues of the Santoku allow it to excell in slicing, dicing and mincing. Custom Sweetness custom make Santoku knives are available in 7 and 8 inch blade lengths and are "scary sharp" to allow you increased control, ease of use, and less fatique when prepairing a favorite meal.
Custom Sweetness Petty Knife
Petty knives Custom Sweetness Petty knives offer more control. Their thin low profile make quick work of dicing and mincing, and extensive cutting jobs that require finesse. Petty knives are only available in the 6 inch blade length.
Custom Sweetness Carving Knife
Carving knives When carving meats a long, thinner profiled blade lets you make single-stroke cuts when slicing. Custom Sweetness Carving knives are available from 8 to 14 inches in blade length. The 8 inch model is ideal for boning and carving chicken and small cuts of meat while the longer lengths work well with large roasts and turkeys.

As a general guide smaller knives are usually more suited to the smaller hand, and are less fatiguing and unwieldy. Larger knives work well for jobs such as cutting large amounts of vegtables where the rocking action allows larger clearances. Larger knives often need a more studied hand as they require more control.